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Deep Immune® - An Effective Adaptogenic Response to the Challenges of Back to School

Posted by Dez Bair-Patel on

This is our first year of navigating back to school as young parents. Our four-year-old, Luke, will be starting junior kindergarten in September. We are looking forward to the change in routine and the challenge of starting school. After taking a break for the summer, in August we will start up our daily use of Deep Immune® as a preventative measure. It’s simply the ideal all-around protective tonic. With its unique therapeutic characteristics, it draws on a classic understanding of the role of herbal remedies in preserving good health. 

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness around adaptogenic herbs. Nearly all the herbs in Deep Immune are what are known as adaptogens.

Adaptogens are plant remedies that help the body adapt to stress and push back against fatigue

Adaptogens act, in fact, like a thermostat, constantly working to bring the body into a state of balance by stabilizing its physiological processes. They increase the body’s general resistance to harmful environmental agents, no matter what their nature may be, whether biological (e.g. infections), chemical (e.g. pollution), or physical (e.g. the extremes of temperature, like a Canadian winter). Read more